Overnight train from Vienna to Krakow

Once I picked up my Vienna Passes at Karlsplatz, I continued on the U1 (Metro Map) to Sudtiroler Platz, where the Vienna Hbf (train station) is located.

Here are some cool panoramas of the Hauptbahnhof: Photos of Vienna Hauptbahnhof

The Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) is really nice.  It must be fairly new.  I went upstairs to the entrance and found a big sign that said OBB Tickets; it was near the front entrance of the station so I thought that must be the place to purchase train tickets.  I waited in line until one of the agents was open.  I asked him for a ticket to Krakow.  He gave me the list of seat availabilities.  I told him that I wanted to be in a sleeper cabin so I asked if there were any women cabins available.  Yes, that is a thing! They have cabins that are set aside for women solo travelers.  Well, I don’t know if the cabins are set aside specifically, but maybe they are able to check the genders of those who currently have reservations in the the sleeper cabins.  So thankfully he did have an opening in a 3 person cabin that was a women’s cabin (3 berths on one side of cabin (stacked upon each other), with closet on the other side).  The ticket cost about 70 euro.  You can also purchase a ticket online at OBB website.

I arrived at the Hauptbahnhofat at about 18:00. The train wasn’t leaving until 22:12 so I had quite some time to waste. There is a nice food court on the main level of the station, not too far from the tickets.  I couldn’t find any seating there so I decided to see what was available on the floor below; hopefully it was a bit quieter.  I found a large book shop on that floor and decided to find an English book to read on my journey.  I love book shops! I found a book, then perused the restaurant. There were only a couple. I settled on a Turkish restaurant. I was able to find a quiet table where I could start reading my book and waste some time.

I finished at about 7:30 and started to roam around the station.  Something near the food court on the main level of the station.  I noticed this door with a sign for the OBB Lounge.  I read the fine print of who could use the Lounge and it said first class ticket holders and sleeper cabin ticket holders.  I was a little hesitant to check it out, but I thought, why not? I have a sleeper cabin ticket.  I took the stairs up to the second floor and there was a man at the entrance of the lounge.  I told him that I had a sleeper cabin ticket, then showed it to him, and asked if I could use the lounge.  He looked at the ticket, and said, “Yes.” There was a requirement where you could only use it up to 2 hours before departure, but since it was only about 2 1/2 hrs before my departure, he let me stay anyway.  I was so thankful!

The OBB Lounge was great.  It had great complimentary wifi, snacks, and comfortable chairs and tables, and a great bathroom.  I was so happy to stumble upon this place!!

I went ahead and went to my train at about 21:45.  I found my car and cabin easily thanks to the train personnel waiting outside the train.  I was happy to see there was only one girl in the cabin.  She was on the lower bunk and I was on the middle.  There was a convenient little sink in the corner of the cabin.  There was also a bottle of water and a breakfast box for each of us.  The girl I was cabining with was from Bratislava, but was working in Krakow.  She had been on holiday and was returning.  We talked for about 15 mins. She went ahead to go find the bathroom on our train car, and  I decided to go to bed.  Thankfully, I was able to go right to sleep, probably because of my 14 hour drive I had just driven.

I woke up about 30 mins (6:00) before we arrived in Krakow.  We got a knock on the door telling us of our approach in to Krakow.  We arrived at about 6:30.  Then went on my way to try and find my hotel.


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