Vienna Pass

I usually am not one to purchase city passes because I never think that they are worth it, until I was researching the Vienna Pass.  I knew that I wanted to see most everything in Vienna and we were going to be there for 3 days so I thought that we could pack quite a bit in to those three days.  Thankfully a lot of the venues are close to one another which made it seem like one could see quite a bit in Vienna.

I purchased my tickets on the Vienna Pass website because they were currently having a sale; it was 15% off. I purchased the Vienna Pass + Travel.  I would not normally purchase the travel add on because I am keen on walking and exploring, but since my 74 year old mother was accompanying us on our European Road Trip No. 2, I thought that the additional travel add on would be worth the extra $17 to her.

Since I like to complicate my life and not pay for shipping (though I wasn’t sure if they would arrive before I left), I thought that I would pick up the passes in Vienna.  I originally was going to travel all the way to the Vienna Airport to pick them up, but then I realized that there was also a pick up location in the city.

Here is a map showing where the Vienna Pass Pick up Center is. It is in the Karlsplatz metro station near the Opera Exit (Karntnerstrasse). Photo credit: Vienna Pass website

Once I arrived in Vienna, parked my car at E+R Erdberg parking garage, I went to the Erdberg Metro Stop and headed in the direction of Karlplatz. Once arriving at Karlplatz station, I followed the signs to Opera and found the bright YELLOW Vienna Pass signage outside an office.

The exterior of the Vienna Pass Pick up Center. Photo Credit: Martin T. on Yelp

Once I arrived at the office, I was instantly greeted by a nice woman.  I showed her my confirmation email and she prepared my passes for me.  I was very happy that I ended up coming here because she gave me so much information, including maps, bus schedules, booklets explaining all the sights, pens, and a neck strands to put our passes in. I felt showered with gifts! I was now very excited to use our passes now!

I liked the fact that I didn’t have to use the passes the day I picked them up.  Since I was meeting my mom and sister in Poland, then making our way back to Vienna, I didn’t need to use them yet.  I wanted to pick the passes up now instead of when we arrived back in Vienna because I knew that our train from Poland was going to arrive super early. Our Airbnb wouldn’t be ready yet so I thought we should start our sightseeing at Schonbrunn Palace right when it opened (ticket counter opens at 8:15), to beat the crowds.  The Vienna Pass Pick up Center doesn’t open until 9:30 so we would waste a lot of sightseeing time if I hadn’t picked them up earlier.


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