Oswiecim’s Hotel Galicja Wellness & Spa

Website: Hotel Galicja Wellness and Spa

I looked at most of the hotels offered on Hotels.com, Agoda.com, and Booking.com in Oswiecim, and Hotel Galicja looked like the nicest accommodations and had the most to offer.  I got a very good rate on Hotels.com and thought it was worth a stay, and it included breakfast!  Usually I prefer to stay in the center of town, but I really couldn’t figure out where that was looking at a map. (If you go on google maps, and search ‘Oswiecim Rynek Glowny’, that is the center of town.) I was more interested in how far the hotel was from Auschwitz, since that was the reason for going to Oswiecim.  The hotel is 5 km away from Auschwitz.  I thought that was a bit far, but I had read online that taxis were not very expensive.  It was the equivalent of about $5 to get to Auschwitz from the hotel.  The hotel also has bikes for rent.  That would be a fun option if you like to bike.

We arrange with the hotel to have a driver pick us up from Krakow to take us to the hotel.  The driver was really nice, though he only knew a few words of English.  The driver drove a cute, white SUV that seemed quite new. The drive through the countryside was wonderful and we did it at sunset which was very nice.

We arrived at the hotel at about 19:30.  The hotel was expecting us when we arrived so we were not long at the front desk.  The hotel was very lovely.  It felt like a country, boutique hotel.

There are two parts of the hotel; there is an older part and a newer one that has the ‘wellness and spa’.  We chose to stay in the cheaper, older part because we weren’t going to use the spa during our short stay.  Our room was in the basement.  We didn’t mind that the room was in the basement because it was very quiet which my mom and sister liked since they had gotten off a long flight from the US.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 20.42.05
Our room. Photo Credit: Hotel Galicja

Our room and bathroom were very clean and tastefully decorated.  The beds were comfortable.

We woke up and got to breakfast as soon as it was open so we could hurry and eat to make our 8:00 reservations at Auschwitz.  The breakfast was wonderful!  It was served in the Polish restaurant.  The breakfast had a great variety and it was fun to taste some of the yummy polish dishes.

We checked out of our room before we left for the morning since we did not know when we would be returning for Auschwitz.  We were able to leave our bags with the front desk all day.  The desk rang for a taxi and it arrived quite quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 20.41.31
Stara Poczta Restaurant. Photo Credit: Hotel Galijca

We returned to the hotel late in the day.  We found a nice lounge on the second floor where my mom, sister, and I were able to relax for an hour before we decided to try out the Polish restaurant, Stara Poczta.

The restaurant was fantastic!  We all wanted to try traditional Polish dishes and the waiter was such a great help, and was very humorous. We had a delightful time at the restaurant!

After dinner, we returned to the lounge area we found earlier, and occupied our time with napping or reading until it was time to leave to the train station.  I was so happy that we had a comfortable hotel to stay at while we were waiting to go to the train station! The front desk was kind enough to ring for a taxi for us at about 22:30.  All of the front desk clerks that we met through out our stay were really sociable and kind.  I would definitely stay here again, and definitely try the spa next time!


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