LDS Church in Yangon

We didn’t think there would be a church in Yangon since the LDS church isn’t official recognized here.  I searched online to see if there was one and only found a Facebook page for LDS Charities in Yangon.  Since we didn’t have anything planned for Sunday, we thought we would investigate and go to the address listed on the Facebook page.  We tried to call the phone number, but nobody answered.

The church is on a main street in Yangon; the street to the airport.  If you search ‘LDS Charities Yangon’ on Google maps, you can find the church at that pin. The coordinates are 16.8740724, 96.1397749.  The picture below shows the corner that the church is on.  The church is on the other side of this white wall; at the corner of Pyay Rd and Sandanar Thiri St.

The church is on the other side of this white wall; at the corner of Pyay Rd and Sandanar Thiri St.
This is our first BYU students who have arrived. The building behind us has classrooms inside; the chapel is in the building to the right of this one (not shown in picture).
The chapel is basic with plastic chairs.

The sacrament meeting started at 10am.  We thought it started at 9 so we were there plenty early and could talk with people beforehand.  There was one family from the US with their 3 young daughters and a Japanese family we could talk with.  There were 4 sets of Elder missionaries and a senior couple.  There was also a young member of the bishopric who is native to Myanmar but spoke fantastic English (with an Aussie accent); he served a mission in Australia.  He seemed quite young still, maybe his late 20s.  I imagine he has a lot of responsibility in this young branch; he had an amazing testimony of the gospel!!  The missionaries were kind to translate for us so we could understand the talks.

The chapel was packed once sacrament began.  It was surprising that most of the congregation were young single adults.  I was told this was the case because the Elders teach English classes and it is very popular among the YSA.  Many of them are not members, but would like to be.  They can’t get baptized because their families live out in the countryside and they need to get permission from their parents before they can be baptized.

The members of this branch have such faith!!  I did not realize that the Book of Mormon had not been translated in to the Myanmar language yet.  It was empowering to hear strong testimonies about the Book of Mormon when they can only read what they can with the English they know.  They have recently set a goal for their branch to read the Book of Mormon every day and the day we were there, they had just passed their 90th day of consecutive reading.  Wow! What amazing faith!

Since the kids and students were exhausted with jet lag (the kids were falling apart), we opted to leave after sacrament meeting.  The branch does hold Sunday School and Relief Society/Priesthood after sacrament meeting.


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