Bio: I caught the travel bug when I went on my first trip abroad to Europe after I graduated high school. I love everything about traveling!! I had always wished that I would be able to travel the world my whole life, and thankfully I married a man who loves to travel as well and can help make this wish possible! Now with four kids in tow, we are fortunate to travel a bit and let our kids live among many different cultures. My husband is a professor of Anthropology, so we have the opportunity to live outisde the US during the summers as he conducts field schools with university students. We usually live in a remote town in Thailand, but starting in Summer 2015, we are expanding our adventures to China and Vietnam. The purpose for my website is to show how we travel in Asia. There aren't many sites out there that explains how to travel with children in Asia. We have traveled to many countries in Asia and have done things the hard way! Hopefully in this site I will be able to express those things that have made traveling in Asia easier. I never thought I would ever travel to Asia, but once I did in 2008, I was hooked. Asia is simply amazing!

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