Transportation in to Ho Chi Minh City


The taxis are on the left when you exit the airport.  The only taxis that we use when in Vietnam are Vinasun (white) or Mai Linh (green & white) taxi. We feel like these two are the most honest taxi companies. It is legal for a taxi driver to charge you as much as they want. These two companies will use a meter.  Many companies imitate these companies so look closely at the name on the taxi; you may also remind him that you want to use the meter.  It should be about 150,000-200,000 dong to get to a hotel.  Don’t take a taxi that someone is trying to get you in.  Just wait for a Vinasun or Mai Linh taxi to pull up or look for it on the curb.

The taxi may also charge you the airport exit fee which is 10,000 dong, but they might increase it due to how much luggage you have and amount of people in the taxi.

To avoid getting ripped off, go to the Tourist/Taxi Desk in the airport.  They will ask you your hotel and give you a rate.  They give you a receipt and tell you which taxi to go to.  You just hand the driver the prepaid receipt.  It will be about 200,000 dong this way.

City Bus

Public city bus #152. It is parked in one of the lanes on the right side of the arrival’s entrance.  It will take you downtown to the bus station opposite the Ben Thanh Market.  It is 6,000 dong + 6,000 dong if your luggage weighs more than 10kg.  It runs every 20 mins 6am to 6pm.

Arrange a car through your hotel

The last time we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, we arrange our hotel to send a car.  Since there was 6 of us (2 adults, 4 children), I thought it better to make sure we had a car that could fit all of us together, rather than have to take two taxis.  This usually tends to be a little more expensive, but since we would have had to get two taxis, the price came out to be about the same.  The nice thing about scheduling a car from the hotel is that you will have someone there waiting for you at the airport.  Usually the driver will hold up a sign with your name on it.